Benefits of Buying Market Research Reports with MarketNgage

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     Time is a valuable commodity. This phrase is frequently heard, but many businesses continue to spend countless hours searching for each individual market research report, only to discover that they are not specific enough or lack the quality of information required for their specialised vertical. As a result, completing your market research in this manner will quickly consume your time and money.

     MarketNgage Subscription-based market research services can be a risk-free and cost-effective alternative to purchasing individual reports, making your job easier, more productive, and, most importantly, more successful. Continue reading to learn about the specific advantages that a market research subscription service can offer you and your company.

  1. Complete Access to an Industry-Related Report Library

     You have immediate access to a full repository of industry-specific reports with MarketNgage research report subscription service. You will not only save time in tracking down the reports you require, but you will also avoid having to make additional purchases. Furthermore, when acquiring reports individually, you typically do not have the option of reading them making a purchase decision. This makes ensuring that the report is comprehensive enough to answer your pointed questions difficult. With a subscription-based product, on the other hand, you have full access to the reports to ensure the information meets your criteria.

     While focusing on a specific vertical, it is critical that the research you obtain is as in-depth, detailed, and accurate as possible. MarketNgage Subscription services provide irreplaceable value by making this accessible library of high-quality data available at a fixed cost. Investing in a market research subscription will not only provide you with the information you require, but will also ensure the value and quality of specialized research that is critical to the success of your projects.

  1. Global Licence System Allows Organisation Members to Share and Use Research

     When it comes to licencing, subscribing to MarketNgage research report database can save you a lot of time (and money). Individual reports are typically priced at three different licencing levels: single-user, multi-user, and global. A global licence can easily cost three times the price of a single-user report. As a result, buying reports individually, especially in larger organisations, exposes you to the costly risk of redundant purchasing to allow access to reports for multiple users.

     A subscription service, such as an interactive market research report, on the other hand, can be shared by colleagues across the organisation, and even internationally, by providing global licences on all included reports. So, not only will a subscription-based service provide hassle-free usage, but it will also aid you in wanting to avoid the licencing issues that can arise when purchasing reports individually.

  1. If You Need Multiple Reports From The Same Industry, MarketNgage Is A Cost-Effective Solution.

     While the cost of a market research subscription service may be intimidating to some corporates at first, these services are often the more cost-effective option than acquiring dozens of reports year round. While purchasing individual reports, costs can quickly and, more importantly, unexpectedly add up. As a result, many businesses end up exceeding their budgets by the end of the year. By switching to MarketNgage subscription service, you can avoid the risk of overcharging by investing in a service that can be expensed for far more easily at the commencement of the year. Furthermore, especially for larger organisations where budgets must go through a protracted approval process, the fixed price of a subscription enables users to get approval head - to - head of time and avoid the hassle of delaying individual buying.

  1. Individual Table and Section Downloads Are Available

     Frequently, the information required to answer your research question can be found in a particular section, chart, and/or table of a report. If a company buys individual reports, one must purchase the entire report in order to access even the smallest portion. When you use a subscription service, such as our market research database for startups, small/large scale businesses and corporates you can gain access to a broader range of reports, allowing you to target and extract only the relevant information without the cost of purchasing each report individually.


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