Medical Laser, Laser Applications for the medical field


The National Medical Laser Centre is one of the most comprehensive medical laser research centres in Europe.

The major emphasis is on translational research - understanding the interaction of light with living tissue in the laboratory and using the results to develop new techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. It is a world leader in photodynamic therapy (PDT -the combination of light and a photosensitising drug), having defined much of the biology that has led to clinical applications in the treatment of dysplasia and cancer in the mouth, oesophagus, lungs and other organs. It was the first centre to describe image guided, minimally invasive PDT for cancers of the prostate and pancreas and as an adjuvant to balloon angioplasty to prevent re-stenosis.

Technical and Laboratory Research Projects Research programmes are designed to study how laser techniques can be applied safely and effectively to a range of diseased tissues, without causing any unacceptable damage to adjacent normal tissues.

Emphasis is on light delivery, dosimetry and monitoring. We are developing new single and multi-fibre systems for light delivery to various organs. Imaging techniques are being studied,both to define the true extent of the lesions being treated and to assess whether adequate treatment has been delivered to all relevant areas. This is done with ultrasound, CT and magnetic resonance imaging.

New monitoring techniques are being explored, including fibre optic sensors which can be inserted into tissue during treatment to measure factors such as tissue oxygenation and photo-sensitiser degradation.

With each new laser technique, the aim is to find out how best to use it in any particular clinical situation and then to undertake trials to compare it with the best available conventional alternatives. Particular attention is given to clinical efficacy, patient comfort, convenience, and cost. Some laser applications are now well-established, but many are just starting clinical assessment and clinical trials.

Detailed follow-up is needed to establish which really represent advances in clinical practice.

The Laser Medic, Inc. was founded in 2002, and is owned by John Nance and Terry Storer. Together they have over 40 years combined experience in all facets of the laser industry. Both Terry and John received Associate of Applied Science degrees in Laser Electro-Optic Technology at Texas State Technical College.

John's career in the laser field started in 1988, where he worked for Coherent Inc., until going out on his own and creating The Laser Medic, Inc. in 2002. During his career at Coherent, John traveled extensively to provide excellent service to Coherent customers and conducted training for the local engineers. His extensive training, experience and professionalism have made him known throughout the medical laser industry.

Terry's background in the laser field started in 1975. He had worked for Los Alamos Scientic Lab, Hudson Industry, Coherent, Inc., and Lumenis, Inc., before joining The Laser Medic, Inc. in January 2004. He is a member of the Laser Electro-Optics Technology Advisory Committee at Texas State Technical College and was the Laser Safety Officer for Texas while employed at Lumenis. He has been trained on all types of laser systems in the medical, scientific and industrial fields. With his extensive training, Terry has traveled throughout the world servicing lasers and conducting numerous seminars and workshops.

John and Terry have combined their knowledge and expertise along with their professionalism and work ethics to form The Laser Medic, Inc. They are committed to customer satisfaction and providing quality service in a cost efficient and timely manner.

The high absorption rate in water, hemoglobin, and melanine guarantees efficient clinical applicatios with optimal medical results.

Today, development of new technologies and the increasing understanding of the utilization of that technology by the medical community have brought a continuous increase of laser use in a wide range of medical applications.
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